Bendaroos Mega Pack Official 2009 Top 10 Toy

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What are Bendaroos? - Bendaroos are the insanely fun flexible building sticks. You can bend and twist then stick them together without using messy glue. Magic wax on super strength string makes Bandaroos do just about anything.

Just stick your Bendaroos to any surface and they will maintain their shape. To use them over and over again for hours of creative play you just simply unbend them. With Bendaroos there is no nasty stains and mess.

Use Bendaroos to create your own jewellery, accessories for your other toys, signs for you door or windows....just about anything.

The Bendaroos Mega Pack includes 400 flexible and coloured building sticks that you can twist and bend to make all sorts of things. is The mega pack includes Cut and Join tool, 2 double-sided templates and an instruction book.

Bendaroos are a great way to unlock you child's creativity skills and is no surprise that this will be a best selling Christmas toy.

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  • Brand: Spin Master

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